769 tocBessarabian (Tortonian, Late Miocene) fish otoliths from a transitional freshwater-brackish environment of Mykhailivka, Southern Ukraine

Andriy Bratishko, Oleksandr Kovalchuk, and Werner Schwarzhans

Article number: 20.3.44A
Copyright Palaeontological Association, September 2017


674_tocA new multi-faceted framework for deciphering diplodocid ontogeny

D. Cary Woodruff, Denver W. Fowler, and John R. Horner

Article number: 20.3.43A
Copyright Palaeontological Association, September 2017


736 tocFirst record of extinct Paraconularia (Cnidaria, Scyphozoa) from Tethyan sequence (Upper Permian) of Spiti valley, Himachal Himalaya, India

Narendra K. Swami, Satish C. Tripathi, Ramesh Laishram, and Amit Dharwadkar

Article number: 20.3.42A
Copyright Palaeontological Association, September 2017


678 tocA revision of European Plesiosminthus (Rodentia, Dipodidae), and new material from the upper Oligocene of Teruel (Spain)

Matthijs Freudenthal and Elvira Martín-Suárez

Article number: 20.2.41A
Copyright Society for Vertebrate Paleontology, August 2017


738 tocThe taxonomic status of the genus Hubertoceras Spath: A new light on sexual dimorphism from the Callovian ammonites of Kutch, India

Rakhi Dutta, Subhendu Bardhan, Shubhabrata Paul and Subhronil Mondal

Article number: 20.2.37A
Copyright Palaeontological Association, August 2017


772 tocTwo pelobatid frogs from the late Miocene of Caucasus (Russia)

Elena V. Syromyatnikova

Article number: 20.2.36A
Copyright Palaeontological Association, July 2017


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