Appendix A. Age/Depth Plots and Age Model files

One or two plots are given for each hole analysed. Where two plots are available, they cover the Neogene (N in the file name) and the Paleogene (P in the file name) sections, respectively.

All plots were created with the ADP program described in Lazarus (1992), which gives additional details on plotting procedures, conventions, and usage. The x-axis represents the age in million years. There is also a reproduction at the bottom of the plot of the Berggren et al. (1995b) magnetostratigraphic scale. On the left y-axis is the depth in meters below sea floor, on the right a representation of the cores (numbered boxes, with heights proportional to actual recovery) and (short lines on right side of boxes) 1.5 m section breaks. The symbols corresponding to the microfossil groups are on the top of the plot: D=diatoms, F=foraminifera, M=magnetostratigraphy, N=nannofossils, R=radiolarians. Each event is labelled only with a short plotcode to reduce visual clutter in the figure. Translations for the plotcodes are given in Table 2.2. Error bars for the depth level of each event are represented as vertical lines crossing the symbols, but sometimes the error bars are not visible because they are smaller than the symbol itself.

ASCII files of the age models are also given. Only one file is given for each hole. The files consist of two columns. The first row shows the hole name (e.g. 62A) on the left and the date the age model was created on the right (in the format YYMMDD, e.g., 19950725). The second row gives the headings of the data columns, age to the left and depth to the right. The third row gives the number of points in the age model. The coordinates of the age model points follow from the fourth row. The files are exactly in the format generated by Lazarusís (1994) ADP program. This format is required by the ADP program and can, therefore, be used directly to create an age/depth plot with this software. Alternatively, the age and depth coordinates can be used to construct a simple xy line graph. The files can be opened with any word processing or spreadsheet program.

To download full-size diagrams, open the following directory and choose the file (named by hole number).  File naming convention is 62A_PICT.GIF (62A = hole number).
DIRECTORY: adps_app

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