Order Salmoniformes
Family Salmonidae


Remarks: two major keys have been developed for the identification of salmon using scales (Bilton, et al., 1964; Mosher, 1969). There is a degree of variation built into the Bilton, et al. (1964) key not found in Mosher (1969). Bilton, et al. (1964) is applicable for sockeye, pink, chum, and chinooks, but is less useful than Mosher (1969) for coho salmon. There are also some discrepancies between the keys confirmed by our own visual observations, especially with respect to the number of complete circuli below the focus. As the reader will note there are also differences between the authors regarding the presence of circuli in the posterior field. In addition, reticulation with reference to the salmonidae is defined as the posterior region of the focus where circuli appear to have "broken up" and have become distorted. Types of reticulation include ladder-like and globular (Bilton, et al., 1964).

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