Volume 4, Issue 2 
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Editor's Notes

Goodness and Understanding in Paleontology
Jere H. Lipps

Mars, Panspermia, and the Origin of Life: Where Did It All Begin?
Joseph L. Kirschvink and Benjamin P. Weiss

Atlas of Common Squamatological (Fish Scale) Material in Coastal British Columbia, and an Assessment of the Utility of Various Scale Types in Paleofisheries Reconstruction
R. Timothy Patterson, Cynthia Wright, Alice S. Chang, Leslie A. Taylor, Patrick D. Lyons, Audrey Dallimore, and Arun Kumar

The Amount of the Taphonomic/Tectonic Compaction in the Fluminimaggiore Formation (SW Sardina, Italy) with Discussion of a New Paleontological Method for Estimating Compaction
Maurizio Gnoli

Re-Illustration and Revised Taxonomy for Deep-Sea Benthic Foraminifers
Ann E. Holbourn and Andrew S. Henderson

Dragon Hunter
Roy Chapman Andrews and the Central Asiatic Expeditions

Charles Gallenkamp
Reviewer: Gerald Grellet-Tinner

Evolutionary Biology of the Bivalvia
Edited by E.M. Harper, J.D.  Taylor, and J.A. Crame
Reviewer: Neville Hudson

Evolutionary Patterns:
Growth, Form, and Tempo in the Fossil Record
Edited by Jeremy B.C. Jackson, Scott Lidgard, and Frank K. McKinney
Reviewer: Richard A. Reyment

Mountains of Madness
A Scientist's Odyssey in Antarctica
John Long
Foreword by Tim Bowden
Reviewer: Rodney M. Feldmann