Ian Miller
Denver Museum of Nature and Science
 2001 Colorado Blvd.
Denver, CO 80205-5798

Raised nearly feral in rural Washington, Ian Miller first discovered geology while scavenging mine tailings for fool’s gold and pulling clams out of road cuts. Ian attended Colorado College as an undergraduate and did his first paleobotanical work with Kirk Johnson. After a two-year stint as a field geologist with a New Mexico geotechnical engineering firm, Ian felt the academic siren’s call and headed off to Yale University, where he studied paleobotany and tectonics with Leo Hickey and Mark Brandon. He is currently entertaining the interest of several Hollywood executives for a major motion picture adaptation of his thesis, a treatise on paleobotanical proxies for paleolatitude and other fancy stuff. Having come full circle, Ian is now a postdoctoral fellow at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science with Kirk Johnson. His principle interests are in the wildly popular -ologies of paleobotanical proxies for and statistical analysis of paleoclimate, paleolatitude and paleoelevation; the evolutionary history and ecological radiation of Cretaceous angiosperms; taxonomic analysis and nomenclature of whole Late Mesozoic floras; and tectonic evolution of the Western Cordillera of North America. When not digging fossils or scheming new quarries, he can be found fishing, skiing, or hiking Colorado’s mountains.