Juan Leandro García Massini
Department of Geological Sciences
Southern Methodist University
P.O. Box 750395
Dallas, Texas 75275-0395, USA

Even though I am not a big daddy yet, I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, a long time ago. I study science, and some day I hope I will be a scientist. I received my undergraduate degree in biology from the University of Buenos Aires. Later I received a M.S. in the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at the University of Kansas. Now I am doing my PhD in the Department of Geological Sciences at Southern Methodist University with Dr. Bonnie Jacobs. I also like to read, listen to music, and cook with wine. I study science because I have always felt curiosity for many things books or people cannot tell you. My specific research interests include the ecology and systematics of plants and fungi, and how each interacted with the other in ancient communities. See me in the picture together with my friend Teshomé in Ethiopia.