Into Focus

PEMSATS—Electronic Oil for the PE Wheels (print) 10.3.4E

Mark D. Sutton

A Museum for All Seasons: The Amherst College Museum of Natural History (print) 10.3.5E

Steven Sauter

News Stories We'd Hate to See (print) 10.3.6E

Jere H. Lipps


A New Species of Cladocyclus (Teleostei: Ichthyodectiformes) from the Cenomanian of Morocco  (print) 10.3.12A

Peter L. Forey and Lionel Cavin

Rudist Taxonomy Using X-Ray Computed Tomography (print) 10.3.13A

Ann Molineux, Robert W. Scott, Richard A. Ketcham,
and Jessica A. Maisano

Monocot Macrofossils from the Miocene of Southern New Zealand (print) 10.3.14A

Mike Pole

Early Eocene Dispersed Cuticles and Mangrove to Rainforest Vegetation at Strahan-Regatta Point, Tasmania (print) 10.3.15A

Mike Pole

A Possible Endoparasitic Chytridiomycete Fungus from the Permian of Antarctica (print) 10.3.16A

J.L. García Massini

Early Eocene Macroflora from the Red Hot Truck Stop Locality (Meridian, Mississippi, USA) (print) 10.3.17A

Daniel R. Danehy, Peter Wilf, and Stefan A. Little


Punctuated Equilibrium (print) 10.3.6R

Stephen Jay Gould
Reviewed by Philip D. Gingerich

Sea Monsters — Prehistoric Creatures of the Deep (print) 10.3.7R

Michael J. Everhart
Reviewed by Adam S. Smith

Principles of Paleontology (Third Edition) (print) 10.3.8R

Michael Foote and Arnold I. Miller
Reviewed by Michael J. Benton

Sea Monsters, a Prehistoric Adventure (print) 10.3.9R

Reviewed by Leslie F. Noé and Marcela Gómez-Pérez


We borrowed part of our cover artwork from Peter Wilf. It's a sign that typifies American roadhouses, and also a landmark to many paleontologists who have looked for red hot fossils. We think it is particularly befitting for this issue, which is full of good reading, and also the first time we have produced three issues in one year. So here's to a Red Hot issue, and many more to come.

PE NOTES: Within each article are links in the contents column to material that may be of further use to specific readers. There is a plain-language summary and there are multiple versions of the abstract in English, Français, Español, Deutsche, Arabic, and Polski. PDF versions of the articles are available (click on "print" beside the title) or from the contents column within the individual articles.

ISSN: 1094-8074, web version; 1532-3056, CD-ROM; 1935-3952, print.

Copyright: Coquina Press
Volume 10, Issue 3
December 2007


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