A Somewhat Fuzzy Snapshot of Employment in Paleontology in the United States (print) 11.1.1E

Roy E. Plotnick

Darwin's Day (print) 11.1.2E

Jere Lipps


Locomotion in the Extinct Notoungulate Protypotherium (print) 11.1.1A

Darin A. Croft and Leah C. Anderson

An Illustrated Guide to Fjord Foraminifera from the Seymour-Beliz Inlet Complex, Northern British Columbia, Canada (print) 11.1.2A

Natalia Vázquez Riveiros and Timothy R. Patterson

Eric Snively and Andrew Cox

Agamid Lizards from the Early Eocene of Western India: Oldest Cenozoic Lizards from South Asia (print) 11.1.4A

Guntupalli V.R. Prasad and Sunil Bajpai

StrataPhy: A New Computer Program for Stratocladistic Analysis (print) 11.1.5A

Jonathan D. Marcot and David L. Fox


The images for this cover were chosen because they seemed to typify our first attraction to paleontology—why many of us became paleontologists. Was it the old bones or field camp?

PE NOTES: Within each article are links in the contents column to material that may be of further use to specific readers. There is a plain-language summary and there are multiple versions of the abstract in English, Français, Español, Deutsche, Arabic, and Polski. PDF versions of the articles are available (click on "print" beside the title) or from the contents column within the individual articles.

ISSN: 1094-8074, web version; 1532-3056, CD-ROM; 1935-3952, print.

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Volume 11, Issue 1
March 2008


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