Alex Tirabasso
Information Management and Technology Services
Canadian Museum of Nature
PO Box 3443
STN "D" Ottawa
Ontario, K1P 6P4

Alex Tirabasso has been the 3D computer-animator at the Canadian Museum of Nature since 2003. After earning a B.A. in Biology from Carleton University in 1999, he graduated in 2002 from the faculty of Animation, Arts & Design at Sheridan College. Alex specializes in visual communication of technical and scientific subject matter using a variety of digital and traditional image media. In 2002, he was awarded 1st place in scientific illustration by Applied Arts magazine.

At the Canadian Museum of Nature, Alex has been a pioneer in the use of computer animation with application to both research and exhibitions. Some of his past palaeontological 3D projects include exploring the walk cycle and front stance of the Chasmosaurus irvinensis, animating the locomotor behaviour in two chasmosaurine ceratopsid dinosaurs based on manual pathology, and testing a model of chewing mechanisms in Edmontosaurus regalis.

Current 3D graphics projects include development of test models for vertebrate functional morphology, and biomedical visualizations of complex cellular processes and proteomics. Alex sees all of his work as visual scientific storytelling and he enjoys helping the scientists with whom he collaborates bring their hypotheses to life. He gets satisfaction in making a contribution to scientific knowledge, and is pleased when he and the scientists successfully merge scientific concepts and standards with creativity and aesthetics.

His work is showcased at the Canadian Museum of Nature and on its Web site,