Figure 12. Paleomagnetic data plot and stratigraphic section at Betonnie Tsosie Wash locality, modified from Lindsay et al. 1981. Betonnie Tsosie Wash labeled "Tsosie Wash" in Lindsay et al. 1981 report. Q = fossiliferous interval containing Periptychus, Torrejonian age; P = fossiliferous interval containing Puercan mammals (listed in Lindsay et al. 1981). Distances of P and Q fossil levels above top of Ojo Alamo Sandstone and thickness of upper bed of Ojo Alamo Sandstone, are shown. Labeling of magnetochrons C29n, C28r, C28n, C27r, and C27n are also added as are distances, in meters, below top of Ojo Alamo Sandstone of selected paleomagnetic sample-collection sites. (Magnetochron labels shown are now known to be incorrect as discussed in section of this paper labeled "Identification of Kirtland Formation-Ojo Alamo Sandstone Magnetochrons.")