Figure 26. Cross sections through six paleomagnetic sections in southern San Juan Basin. (Section localities are shown on Figure 1; full data plots for all sections are on the figures indicated.) Only paleomagnetic sections through all or part of the Ojo Alamo Sandstone are shown. Columns are broken by a gap of 25 m to show positions of top of chron C33n at the HW, SM, and MP localities at a reasonable scale. Alignment of column TW based on field measurements of distance from lowermost C29n data point to base of Ojo Alamo Sandstone. Magnetochron boundaries are placed at mid-point between nearest-to-the-reversal data sites. 26.1 Published Paleocene magnetochron labels of Lindsay et al. (1981) and Fassett and Steiner (1997) for all but the Mesa Portales (MP) column. 26.2 Revised magnetochron labels of this report.