Figure 37. Photographs of three dinosaur bones from Ojo Alamo Sandstone showing different degrees of preservation. Bone in 37.1 is right hadrosaur femur from San Juan River site; bone is almost perfectly preserved (photo from Fassett et al. 2002). Bone in 37.2 is sauropod femur from Barrel Spring area (letter O on Figure 4); well preserved where encased in bed rock, but end in upper right has been subjected to subaerial erosion, become fragmented, and part is missing (Photograph from R.M. Sullivan). Bone in 37.3 is also from Barrel Spring area (letter N on Figure 4); bone is badly fragmented, however shape of large limb bone still discernible (dashed outline). Hammer 0.33 m long; hammer handle scaled in tenths of foot.