Figure 5. Paleomagnetic and stratigraphic sections at Barrel Spring Arroyo and Barnum Brown Amphitheater, modified from Lindsay et al. (1981): "Solid data points indicate sites with grouping of directions significant from random at the 95% confidence level. Open circles indicate data points from sites with poorer clustering." (Lindsay et al. 1981). The same symbology applies for all subsequent figures of these authors reproduced herein. These localities are labeled BSA and BBA, respectively, on Figure 3 and Figure 4. (Barrel Spring Arroyo of the Lindsay et al. report is now named De-na-zin Wash (Alamo Mesa East, 1:24,000 USGS quadrangle map.) Labels of magnetochrons (as applied by Lindsay et al. 1981, elsewhere in their paper) have been added to this illustration, for ease of discussion. (Note: some magnetochron labels shown are now known to be incorrect as discussed in the section of this paper labeled "Identification of Kirtland Formation-Ojo Alamo Sandstone Magnetochrons.") Distances of selected paleomagnetic-samples sites, above and below the base of Ojo Alamo Sandstone (in meters), are added. Dinosaur-bone symbol on Barnum Brown Amphitheater column was added by author.