Figure 63. Photograph of upper part of trench of Figure 62; distance from base of Ojo Alamo Sandstone to sample locality 82303-E is 1.7 m.; geologic-pick length 0.33 m. Note intense, soft-sediment deformation at base of Ojo Alamo Sandstone, including distinct squeeze-up of uppermost Kirtland Formation mudstone forced up into basal Ojo Alamo Sandstone conglomerate in top-center of photograph. Such rapid-loading features are also visible below base of Ojo Alamo in center of Figure 61. Palynologic sample localities in carbonaceous mudstone bed in uppermost Kirtland are shown. All samples, except 82303-D and 82303-E, barren of palynomorphs. Yellow-dashed line is subtle contact between harder, more massive, blue-black shale below and softer, more thin-bedded, gray mudstone above. Yellow-dotted line is another subtle contact at base of blue-black shale bed. One of these contacts (probably upper one) is the Cretaceous-Paleocene interface.