Steven E. Jasinski
Section of Paleontology and Geology
The State Museum of Pennsylvania
300 North Street
Harrisburg, PA 17102-0024.

Steven Jasinski received a BSc degree in Geobiology from Pennsylvania State University in 2008. He has worked at the State Museum of Pennsylvania from January 2008 – present and is currently taking graduate courses in geology at Pennsylvania State University. His interests are in vertebrate paleontology and stratigraphy, focusing primarily on Late Cretaceous vertebrate faunas and vertebrate biochronology. Steve’s interest in dinosaurs centers on the study of oviraptorosaurs, ankylosaurs, and pachycephalosaurs. He also recently studied the skull biomechanics of the Late Triassic theropod Coelophysis.

Steve has conducted field work in Pennsylvania, as well as Colorado, Utah, Montana, Wyoming, and other states. More recently, he served as a field paleontologist for the State Museum of Pennsylvania in the San Juan Basin of New Mexico, where he collected fossil vertebrates from the Fruitland, Kirtland, and Ojo Alamo formations. He is currently involved in a study revising the taxonomic composition of the Alamo Wash local fauna (Naashoibito Member, Ojo Alamo Formation), as well as revising the biostratigraphy of the Kirtland and Ojo Alamo formations as part of a group project.

Photo: Steven E. Jasinski with a partially exposed dinosaur ulna from the De-na-zin Member (Kirtland Formation), San Juan Basin, New Mexico.