Claude Monnet
Paläontologisches Institut und Museum
Universität Zürich
Karl Schmid Strasse 4
CH-8006 Zürich

Dr. Claude Monnet is an invertebrate palaeontologist at the University of Zürich, Switzerland. He received his M.S. (1999) in Palaeontology from the University of Lyon (France) and his Ph.D. (2005) in Palaeontology from the University of Zürich (Switzerland), both with awards. His major research focus is on (macro)evolution. Complementary research topics cover quantitative systematics, phylogenetics, biostratigraphy, biodiversity, disparity, and morphometrics. Taxonomic strength and field experience is in Triassic and Cretaceous (Mesozoic) ammonoids (cephalopods) from North America, Europe, and North Africa. Current scientific activities are concerned with developing methods in geometric morphometrics to capture the morphology of the accretionary shells of molluscs in order to investigate relationships between ontogeny, phylogeny and evolution.