David Hodgetts
School of Earth, Atmospheric and Environmental Science
University of Manchester
Williamson Building, Oxford Road
Manchester, M13 9PL
United Kingdom

I received a BSc. Geology from the University of Durham in 1991, followed by an MSc Computing in Earth Sciences (1992) and a PhD Numerical modelling of Continental Lithospheric Deformation (1995) from the University of Keele.

My research focuses on improved reservoir characterization through the application of outcrop analogues to the subsurface. This involves the development of new and innovative techniques for the acquisition, processing and modeling of quantitative outcrop data. I have been leading the research into the application of LIDAR data to quantitative outcrop geology here at Manchester, with our Riegl LMSZ420i terrestrial laser scanner. At the centre of this research is development of software (Virtual Reality Geological Studio or VRGS) specifically designed for geological applications, both petroleum and non petroleum related.

These techniques are being applied in several projects, ranging from modeling of Miocene syn-rift deposits in Sinai (Rift Analogues project), through Triassic fluvial sediments in Morocco and Canada (NARG consortium), as well as the application of LIDAR to the improved analysis and archiving of dinosaur track ways in Spain.

I have set up a company specialising in digital outcrop geology and the use of Virtual Reality in Earth Sciences.