Carolin Haug
Workgroup Biosystematic Documentation
University of Ulm
Helmholtzstrasse 20
D-89081 Ulm

Carolin Haug studied biology in Wuerzburg, Germany, for six years. Besides animal ecology and socio-biology, she also attended palaeontological courses, e.g., about micropalaeontology, invertebrate palaeontology and palecology. After finishing her diploma thesis about larval ecology and brood biology of the red mason bee Osmia bicornis, she moved to the University of Ulm, Germany, in 2005 together with her husband Joachim. In the workgroup of Prof. Dr. Dieter Waloßek she started her PhD thesis on the head shield development of branchiopod crustaceans, which she later extended to the shield development in all arthropods. Carolin is interested in the ontogeny of fossil and Recent species, with the focus on crustaceans. At the moment, she is particularly working on fossils from the Scottish Windyfield Chert as well as on those from the lithographic limestones from Solnhofen and Lebanon. Carolin’s studies on limestone material are only possible because of some very kind private collectors, who are not afraid to give their precious specimens into her hands. For her the detailed documentation of the fossils with methods easy to apply is most important. After knowing the morphological details, at best of different ontogenetic stages, it is possible to make statements about phylogenetic relationships and a plausible evolutionary scenario. Together with her husband, she also tries to find new methods to improve morphological documentation.