Dieter Waloszek
Workgroup Biosystematic Documentation
University of Ulm
Helmholtzstrasse 20
D-89081 Ulm

Dieter Waloszek is working as a professor at the University of Ulm. He studied biology in Hamburg and also finished his dissertation there (thesis on a scallop from Argentinian offshore waters). In 1982 Dieter moved to Bonn to work at the Institute of Palaeontology on a project on Cambrian 3d-preserved fossils, mainly arthropods. Project leader was Klaus J. Müller, the discoverer of these so-called ‘Orsten’ fossils. In 1991 Dieter habilitated with a thesis on one of the faunal elements, the crustacean Rehbachiella kinnekullensis, and the phylogeny of Branchiopoda and Crustacea. After one year in Kiel, Dieter moved to Ulm in 1995, having received a professorship there. He and his workgroup continue the study on ‘Orsten’ fossils, mainly using SEM techniques, but also have expanded their investigations to other localities worldwide, material from Recent and other fossil sources and expanded the methodological range for improving the documentation of systematic evidence.

Highlight: the foundation of the international C.O.R.E. group of scientists with a specific interest in ‘Orsten’ studies

Main interests: morphology incl. functional aspects, ontogeny, and most importantly phylogeny and evolution – no taxonomic restriction in general, but due to capacity problems, focus on ‘Orsten’ evidence and Arthropoda.

Output (incl. team work): close to 100 papers in international journals.

Main hobbies: family, fistball, and holidays in Sweden (incl. fishing).