J.L. García Massini
Roy M. Huffington Department of Earth Sciences
Southern Methodist University
PO Box 750395
Dallas TX 75275-0395, USA.

Juan L. García Massini received his BS in biology from the Universidad de Buenos Aires in Buenos Aires, Argentina. After traveling to Lawrence, Kansas, to study fungi from the Permian of Antarctica, he completed his MS in biology from the University of Kansas. He and his wife Lena moved to Dallas, where Juan worked on plants and sediments from the Oligocene of Ethiopia as Dr. Bonnie Jacob’s PhD student at Southern Methodist University. After finishing his degree in 2008, Juan is currently beginning a postdoc to study fungi from hot spring deposits of the Jurassic of Patagonia at the CRILAR (Centro Regional de Investigaciones Científicas y Transferencias Tecnológicas de La Rioja) in Anillaco, La Rioja, Argentina.