FIGURE 4. Remains of Chrysochloris arenosa, including (clockwise from top left) left innominate in internal and external views (SAM-PQL 70252); internal view of right dentary with i1-p4 (SAM-PQL 35070); internal, external, and occlusal views of right dentary with i2, c, p4 (SAM-PQL 69725; p4 slightly twisted postmortem); malleus (SAM-PQL 13337); rostrum fragment in ventral, ventrolateral, and lateral views (SAM-PQL 35075); rostrum fragment in ventral and lateral views (SAM-PQL 69726); synsacrum in ventral, lateral, and dorsal views (SAM-PQL 20741V); manubrium sternae in dorsal, lateral, and ventral views (SAM-PQL 43199); first rib in dorsal and ventral views (SAM-PQL 35496); radius in posterior and anterior views (SAM-PQL 35208); ulna in posterior and anterior views (SAM-PQL 70250); terminal phalanx of digit III in dorsal and ventral views (SAM-PQL 23776); humerus in posterior and anterior views (SAM-PQL 20177, type specimen); calcaneus in dorsal, plantar and lateral views (SAM-PQL 70251; note different scale); tibia-fibula in posterior, lateral, and anterior views (SAM-PQL 70251). All elements except for the calcaneus are photographed at the same 5 mm scale.