Out of the Mainstream: The World of Paleontology (print) 13.1.1E

Roy E. Plotnick

German Paleontology in the Early 21st Century (print) 13.1.2E

Wolfgang Kiessling, Alexander Nützel, Dieter Korn,
Björn Kröger, and Johannes Müller

A Golden Age of Paleontology in China? A SWOT Analysis (print) 13.1.3E

Shuhai Xiao, Qun Yang, and Zhe-Xi Luo


Middle Miocene Mesotheriine Diversity at Cerdas, Bolivia and a Reconsideration of Plesiotypotherium minus (print) 13.1.1A

Beth Townsend and Darin A. Croft

Morphometric Considerations of the Teeth of the Palaeocastorine Beavers Capacikala, Palaeocastor and "Capatanka (print) 13.1.2A

Clara Stefen

New Golden Moles (Afrotheria, Chrysochloridae) from the Early Pliocene of South Africa (print) 13.1.3A

Robert J. Asher and D. Margaret Avery

Comparative Variability of Intermembranous and Endochondral Bones in Pleistocene Mammals (print) 13.1.4A

Kristina R. Raymond and Donald R. Prothero

Using GIS to Assess the Biogeographic Impact of Species Invasions on Native Brachiopods during the Richmondian Invasion in the Type-Cincinnatian (Late Ordovician, Cincinnati Region) (print) 13.1.5A

Alycia L. Stigall

Paleobotany and Sedimentology of Late Oligocene Terrestrial Strata from the Northwestern Ethiopian Plateau (print) 13.1.6A

J.L. García Massini, B.F. Jacobs, and N.J. Tabor


The Paleobiological Revolution: Essays on the Growth of Modern Paleontology (print) 13.1.1R

David Sepkoski and Michael Ruse (editors)
Reviewed by Brian Switek

The Complete Guide to Prehistoric Life (print) 13.1.2R

Tim Haines and Paul Chambers
Reviewed by Joanna K. Kowalewska and Michał Kowalewski


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Volume 13, Issue 1
March  2010


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