FIGURE 7. Close-up of the pelvic shield region of specimen PIMUZ T58 of Cyamodus hildegardis in ventral view. (1) Photograph of specimen. (2) Interpretative sketch of skeletal elements. Note that many of the isolated elements being marked as unidentified may pertain to the pelvic shield or tail armour, but identification was not unambiguous. Colour code: brown: armour elements; blue: vertebral centra and transverse processes; purple: appendicular elements; grey: girdle elements; green: ribs; yellow: elements of gastral apparatus; red: unidentified elements. Abbreviations: a: armour plates; cav: caudal vertebra; dv: dorsal vertebra; fe: femur; fi: fibula; g: gastral rib; il: ilium; is: ischium; r: rib; sr: sacral rib; sv: sacral vertebra; ti: tibia; tp: transverse process; ?: unidentified. (A greyscale version of this figure is also available).