The State of Paleontology in New Zealand (print) 13.2.4A

James S. Crampton and Roger A. Cooper


Discrimination of Fenestrate Bryozoan Genera in Morphospace (print) 13.2.7A 

Steven J. Hageman and Frank K. McKinney

The Digital Plateosaurus I: Body Mass, Mass Distribution, and Posture Assessed by Using CAD and CAE on a Digitally Mounted Complete Skeleton (print) 13.2.8A

Heinrich Mallison

Microconchid-Dominated Hardground Association from the Late Pridoli (Silurian) of Saaremaa, Estonia (print) 13.2.9A

Olev Vinn and Mark A. Wilson

Moncharmontzeiana: New Name for Pytine Moncharmont Zei and Sgarella, 1978 Non Fortey, 1975 (print) 13.2.10A

R. Timothy Patterson


Benthic Foraminifera from the Diatomaceous Mud Belt Off Namibia: Characteristic Species for Sever Anoxia (print) 13.2.11A

Carola Leiter and Alexander V. Altenbach

A Guide to Late Albian-Cenomanian (Cretaceous) Foraminifera from the Queen Charlotte Islands, British Columbia, Canada (print) 13.2.12A

R. Timothy Patterson , James W. Haggart, and Andrew P. Dalby

Seasonal Environmental and Chemical Impact on Thecamoebian Community Composition in an Oil Sands Reclamation Wetland in Northern Alberta (print) 13.2.13A

Lisa A. Neville, Francine M.G. McCarthy, and Michael D. MacKinnon

Ecology of Paleocene-Eocene Vegetation at Kakahu, South Canterbury, New Zealand (print) 13.2.14A

Mike Pole

New Interpretation of the Postcranial Skeleton and Overall Body Shape of the Placodont Cyamodus Hildegardis Peyer, 1931 (Reptilia, Sauropterygia) (print) 13.2.15A

Torsten M. Scheyer


Smithsonian's Prehistoric Pals Series (print) 13.2.3R

Dawn Bentley, Ben Nussbaum, and G.B. McIntosh
Reviewed by Elisabeth Marcot, Jonathan Marcot, and Karen Sears


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July 2010


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