Abbreviations and Colors Index

Figure abbreviations in alphabetical order.

ar: ampullary recess
bpt: basipterygoid process of basisphenoid
bs: basisphenoid
bt: basal tubera of the basioccipital
clp: clinoid process of the basisphenoid
csc: caudal semicircular canal
cvp: crista ventrolateralis process of the parasphenoid
ds: dorsum sellae
exo: exoccipital
fm: foramen magnum
gec: groove for ethmoid cartilage
gcn6: groove for the abducens nerve
icf: internal carotid foramina
lsc: lateral semicircular canal
oc: occipital condyle
opo: opisthotic
opvr: opisthotic ventral ramus
plr?: postlagenar recess?
poop: paroccipital process of the opisthotic
pro: prootic
pspcup: parasphenoid cultriform process
rsc: rostral semicircular canal
ru: recessus utriculus
sac: identifiable portion of the saccular maculae
saf: stapedial artery foramen
sfpl: stapedial footplate
so: supraoccipital
st: sella turcica
sta: stapes
su: superior utriculus
Representative colors for the braincase model in alphabetical order.
Basioccipital: purple
Opisthotic: light blue
Parabasisphenoid: light green
Prootic: green
Supraoccipital: red
Stapes: yellow