Casey M. Holliday
Department of Pathology & Anatomical Sciences
University of Missouri
Columbia, Missouri 65212

Casey M. Holliday is an Assistant Professor of Anatomy at the University of Missouri School of Medicine where he is a member of the Graduate Programs in Integrative Anatomy and Veterinary Pathobiology. Holliday’s research program broadly focuses on reptilian skeletal tissue biology and the evolution of cranial form and function. This research relies heavily on data collected from extant animals including lizards, birds, and crocodilians and employs dissection, histology, and 3D imaging techniques. These data are used to pursue questions in the fossil record pertaining to the evolutionary and functional morphology of the skull in dinosaurs, crocodyliforms, and other reptiles. More details can be found at the Holliday Lab web page. He spends his free time with his lovely daughter Audrey, who is equally fascinated by nature.