AdiŽl A. Klompmaker
Department of Geology
Kent State University
221 McGilvrey Hall
Kent, Ohio 44242
Morelissenstraat 9,
8095 PX 't Loo Oldebroek
The Netherlands

AdiŽl Klompmaker (1983) studied Earth Sciences (specialization Biogeology) at the Utrecht University from 2001Ė2006. He earned a masters degree with distinction. He performed two research projects: one on biostratigraphic correlations of the middle Miocene of Europe based on rodent cheek teeth and, another on lethal bite marks in Mesozoic ammonites. Both studies were published. In 2007 he started as an editor for the Dutch government initiated webpage Earth & Climate on, where he is still active publishing mainly popular news stories and background articles. In 2008 he accepted a PhD-offer from Kent State University (Ohio), where he currently is studying a very diverse, mid-Cretaceous crab fauna from Spain. In addition, he is also studying and publishing on, for example, predator-prey relationships among bivalves, gastropods, crabs and scaphopods. Minor research is being carried out on fossil lobsters and brittle stars. For more information see