TABLE 2. Sphenodon material primarily used.

Reference number

Skull Length (mm)





Disarticulated skull bones, Lady Alice Island, collected 1983.




Disarticulated skull bones, Middle Island, Mercury Group, collected 1983.




Partially disarticulated skull. Frontals, parietal and left postfrontal remain articulated. Premaxillae, vomers, right maxilla and right nasal bones also remain articulated. Some teeth removed from maxilla.


CM 30660


CT scan slices of a wet specimen head. With permission from L.K. Murray and C.J. Bell.




Left half of a parasagitally sectioned skull now disarticulated. Partial midline bones (premaxilla, nasal, frontal, vomer, palatine and parietal). On loan from Dr David Gower (personal collection) given to him by Alick Walker with DGP2, Gower pers. comm. 2002. Was photographed by Pamela L Robinson at some point.




Skull with posterior parts of both postorbitals and parietals have been sectioned away. Posterior end of left jugal also absent. Right and left squamosals absent. Previously figured in Gower and Weber, 1998. Also on loan from Dr David Gower.


LDUCZ x036


Whole skull. Slight damage to left epipterygoid and pterygoid. Partial atlas and 1st intercentrum attached to the basiocciptal.


LDUCZ x146


Skull with premaxillae held to vomers by wire. Dorsomedial part of both the left and right squamosal and anterior process of right squamosal damged. Coronal break in left pterygoid and left epipterygoid fractured.


LDUCZ x723


Whole skull but left upper temporal bar broken.


LDUCZ x343


Whole skull. Right squamosal damaged anteriorly and medially, ectopterygoids absent. Left squamosal and quadrate loose. Dorsal tips of premaxillae displaced anteriorly and posterior of maxillae displaced ventrally.


LDUCZ x1176


Whole skull, partially disarticulated. Previously referred to as "LDUCZ x804" in Evans et al. 2001; Evans 2008; Jones 2008 and "UCL X.809" in Evans et al. 2002.


YPM 11420


Photos and some limited first hand examination (was 'YPM 939').


YPM 11419


Photos and some limited first hand examination (was 'YPM 5436').


YPM 9194


CT scan slices of a wet specimen head. With permission from L.K. Murray and C.J. Bell.