Figure 1. High resolution laser scan digital 3D files of MB.R.4800.6-32, the nearly complete tail (caudals 1 through 29, 27-29 coossified) of the lectotype of Kentrosaurus aethiopicus Hennig, 1915, from quarry 'St', Tendaguru, Tanzania. Tail tip MB.R.4801.1-6 (coossified) from same locality may also belong to lectotype (Hennig 1925). MB.R.4842 (left) and MB.R.4843 (right) spikes from same quarry, definitively not part of lectotype, and probably not tail tip spikes, but second to last spike pair. Gap between MB.R.4800.32 and MB.R.4801.1 according to estimate of missing caudal number by Janensch (1925). Length of left spike MB.R.4842, measured as maximum possible value in dorsal view, 713 mm. 1. lateral view, 2. dorsal view. Click here for full size original TIFF as ZIP file (ZIP 17 MB, TIFF 170 MB).