Timing of infaunalization in shallow-marine Early Paleozoic communities in Gondwanan settings: Discriminating evolutionary and paleogeographic controls (PDF) 14.2.9A

M. Gabriela Mángano and Luis A. Buatois

Defense capabilities of Kentrosaurus aethiopicus Hennig, 1915 (PDF) 14.2.10A

Heinrich Mallison

Phylogeny and escalation in Mellopegma and other Cambrian molluscs (PDF) 14.2.11A

Michael J. Vendrasco, Artem V. Kouchinsky, Susannah M. Porter, and Christine Z. Fernandez

Large caviomorph rodent footprints of the Late Oligocene Vinchina Formation, Argentina (PDF) 14.2.12A

Verónica Krapovickas and Norma L. Nasif

New data on the Oxyaenidae from the Early Eocene of Europe; biostratigraphic, paleobiogeographic and paleoecologic implications (PDF) 14.2.13A

Floréal Solé, Emmanuel Gheerbrant and Marc Godinot

The distribution of agglutinated foraminifera in NW European seas: Baseline data for the interpretation of fossil assemblages (PDF) 14.2.14A

John W. Murray and Elisabeth Alve

The cranial musculature of turtles (PDF) 14.2.15A

Ingmar Werneburg

First Mio-Pliocene salamander fauna from the southern Appalachians (PDF) 14.2.16A

Grant S. Boardman and Blaine W. Schubert

Hard tissue anatomy of the cranial joints in Sphenodon (Rhynchocephalia): sutures, kinesis, and skull mechanics (PDF) 14.2.17A

Marc E.H. Jones, Neil Curtis, Michael J. Fagan, Paul O’Higgins, Susan E. Evans


Multi-view stereo 3D reconstruction of lower molars of Recent and Pleistocene rhinoceroses for mesowear analysis (PDF) 14.2.2T

Elina Hernesniemi, Kasimir Blomstedt, and Mikael Fortelius

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July 2011


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