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Furthermore, these specimens are included in the supplementary material as downloadable virtual models, in VAXML format (Sutton et al. 2012; see also www.spiers-software.org). They are in the form of ZIP-archives which can be extracted to a folder. If SPIERS is installed, the model can be viewed by double-clicking on the respective .vaxml file. Despite the fact both have been filtered to reduce triangle counts, relatively low-performance systems may struggle to render the model.

NHM I 5862 Compsoscorpius buthiformis.vaxml
NHM I 5862 Compsoscorpius buthiformis.vaxmlNHM I 7883 Compsoscorpius buthiformis.vaxml

NHM I 5862 Compsoscorpius buthiformis_stl
NHM I 5862 Compsoscorpius buthiformis_stlNHM I 7883 Compsoscorpius buthiformis_stl

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