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FIGURE 1. Illustration of astragali showing the dimensions used in this study. After DeGusta and Vrba (2003). 1.1, medial view; 1.2, lateral view; 1.3, anterior view. Abbreviations: LM= medial length; LI= intermediate length; LL= lateral length; TD= distal thickness; TI= intermediate thickness; TP= proximal thickness; WD= distal width; WI= intermediate width.

figure 1

FIGURE 2. Principal Components of known astragali and Thousand Creek astragali illustrating the array of specimens along PC1, but no obvious differences along PC2. While a qualitative examination of PC2 produces no distinction, Tukey's HSD test indicates two separate groups (see Table 3). The Thousand Creek specimens show a single clear break in size, but without the DFA it would be impossible to quantify the certainty of group membership of specimens near the breaks between taxa.

figure 2


FIGURE 3. First two discriminant axes from species-level analysis. Camel taxa from the training set are indicated by the same shapes and colors as Figure 2. Ellipses show the 95% confidence interval of the true mean.

figure 3



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