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FIGURE 1. Sivaonyx cf. gandakasensis from the late Middle Miocene of Chiang Muan, Thailand: CM-03-A, left m1 in occlusal (1), lingual (2) and labial (3) views; CM-03-B, right M1 in occlusal (4) and mesial (5) views. Scale = 1cm.

figure 1

FIGURE 2. Stratigraphic and geographic distribution of Sivaonyx species in Africa, Europe and Asia. We used Barry et al. 2002, Qi et al. 2006, Pickford 2007, Coster et al. 2010 and Patnaik et al. 2013 for the datation of Asian localities and Werdelin and Sanders 2010 and references therein for African ones. Dotted lines indicate imprecise datations.

 figure 2

FIGURE 3. Sivaonyx cf. gandakasensis from the Late Miocene of Haritalyangar, India: cast of YPM 20206, right m1 in occlusal (1) and lingual (2) views. Scale = 1cm.

figure 3

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