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authorMichael R. Pasenko
Environmental Planning Group
4141 North 32nd Street, Suite 102
Phoenix, Arizona, 85018

His professional career in paleontology began in 2000 with his completion of a Master's degree in Quaternary Studies from Northern Arizona University. His thesis was on the description of a skeleton of Rhynchotherium from Arizona and a taxonomic discussion on that genus. However, his work in paleontology actually began in 1980 as a field crew for the Illinois State Museum during work on a Pleistocene spring deposit in southwestern Missouri.
Since 2000 he has performed research on proboscideans in the southwestern USA, morphology of postcranial elements of proboscideans, Cenozoic mammals, and fossil trackways. He currently works as a paleontologist for an environmental consulting firm managing paleontology projects in 5 states. Mr. Pasenko volunteers at the Arizona Museum of Natural History and the Sharlot Hall Museum. Mr. Pasenko has over 12 peer-reviewed publications

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