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TABLE 1. Summary of Ameghinornithidae fossil remains. Note that the holotype specimen of Strigogyps dubius was destroyed (cited as "numéro 2" in the collection of the Bayerische Staatssammlung für Paläontologie und Historische Geologie, Munich; Gaillard, 1908, p.39).

Taxon Specimen # Material Locality Age Reference
Strigogyps dubius BSP-2 Distal tibiotarsus Quercy, France ?L. Eocene-
E. Oligocene
Gaillard, 1908
S. sapea SMF-ME 1818 Partial skeleton Messel, Germany Middle Eocene Peters, 1987
S. robustus GMH 5884, GMH 5883 Partial skeleton Geiseltal, Germany Middle Eocene Mayr, 2007
S. sp. SMF-ME 11094 Partial skeleton Messel, Germany Middle Eocene Mayr, 2005
Fayum sp. DPC 5659 Distal tibiotarsus Fayum, Egypt Early Oligocene This paper


TABLE 2. Size comparison of Ameghinornithidae tibiotarsi (in mm). Anatomical abbreviations: plT, preserved length of tibiotarsus; lwT, lateromedial width of tibiotarsus; cdT, craniocaudal depth of tibiotarsus. Estimated measurements and measurements of preserved dimensions are denoted by "*" and measurements missing owing to damage are denoted by "-". Data from Strigogyps species were compiled from Lambrecht (1935), Peters (1987, 2007) and Mayr (2005, 2007). Measurements of S. dubius are from a cast of the holotype specimen (PQ 1073) curated in the collection of the Musée Guimet d'Histoire Naturelle de Lyon (France) and provided by Peters (2007).

Taxon Specimen # plT lwT cdT
Strigogyps dubius BSP-2 21.5* 20.2 19.0
Strigogyps sapea SMF-ME 1818 150.0* 15.0* 14.0
Strigogyps robustus GMH 5884 196.0* 26.0 -
Fayum sp. DPC 5659 21.0* 17.1 15.1

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