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FIGURE 1. Maps showing the geographic range of fossil localities with ameghinornithid specimens (left panel; 1, Quercy, France; 2, Messel, Germany; 3, Geiseltal, Germany; 4, Fayum Depression, Egypt) and the location of the Fayum Depression in northern Egypt (right panel) where the ameghinornithid-like specimen was collected.


FIGURE 2. The distal tibiotarsus of the Fayum ameghinornithid-like bird (DPC 5659). 1, Lateral view. 2, Cranial view. 3, Medial view. 4, Caudal view. 5 , Distal view. Abbreviations : ep, elongate pit; es, extensor sulcus; fs, flattened spot; g, groove; is, intercondylar sulcus; lc , lateral condyle; mc, medial condyle; me, medial epicondyle; mf, medial flange of the tibial cartilage articulation; r, ridge; s, sand/sediment grains.



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