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FIGURE 1. Latiblattella avita sp. nov. (USNM 595139). Tegmen attached (?) to an intact middle leg. Scale bar equals 5 mm.


FIGURE 2. Latiblattella avita sp. nov. (USNM 595139). 2.1. A photograph of the tegmen. 2.2. A line drawing of the forewing venation. The arrow denotes the boundary between the radial and medial fields. M, medial veins; R, radial veins; Sc, subcostal vein. Scale bar equals 3 mm.


FIGURE 3. Latiblattella avita sp. nov. (USNM 595139). 3.1. The subcostal field of tegmen showing the wide and darkly pigmented Sc vein. 3.2. The five segmented tarsus. The arrows denote tarsal segments 1 - 5 and the end of the single visible claw. Scale bars equal 1 mm.



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