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TABLE 1. Facies and their sedimentological characters.




Main features

Framework Coral FC AP01, AP030 512-747 Biocostruction dominated by Madrepora oculata Linnaeus, 1758 and Lophelia pertusa (Linnaeus, 1758) colonies
Coral Rubble CR AP07, AP15, AP17 525-649 Silt and sandy silt mixed with abundant biogenic detritus mostly derived from the fragmentation of colonial corals
Solitary Coral SC/HG AP29, AP04, AP09, AP11 505-790 Fine sediments including cobbles and pebbles and hard ground fragments, both colonized by solitary corals  
Gryphus and Isidella GI AP08, AP14t, AP14b 525-530 Fine-grained sediments with Gryphus vitreus (Born, 1778) and Isidella elongata (Esper, 1788)
Mollusc Mud MM AP19t, AP19b, AP21t, AP21b, AP22b, AP24t, AP24b 638-655 Mud with dispersed mollusc shells mostly colonised by Abra longicallus (Scacchi, 1835) and Ebalia
Foraminifer Mud FM AP02, AP03t, AP03b, AP05t, AP05b 506 Silt and bioclastic sand with foraminifers and rare pteropods

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