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TABLE. A comparative analysis of Uca lactea mud-mounds (present study) and Uca marionis mud-volcanoes (De, 2009) produced in the Bay of Bengal coast, India.

Observed traits U. lactea mud-mounds U. marionis mud volcanoes
Highest population density 9/sq m. 26/sq m.
Average vertical height of mounds 12 cm 8 cm
Mound height variation Increases from high to low ground Independent of ground undulations
Mound building process control Tide and mangrove vegetation No such control
Mound stabilization factor Microbially controlled No microbial control
Burrows within compound mounds Close spaced, but not connected Close spaced, but connected at the base
Maximum vertical height of mound centric burrow 21 cm because of higher position of subsurface mud layers 29 cm because of lower position of subsurface mud layers
Association with worm burrows Present Absent
Mound collapse during high tides Occurs Occurs
Morphology of simple and compound mounds Cone and multiple cone Cone and multiple cone

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