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FIGURE 1. Anthrax succini sp. nov., USNM # 508762. Scale bar equals 2 mm.



FIGURE 2. Antennae of Anthrax succini sp. nov., USNM # 508762. Inset = magnified image of the stylet of the right antenna. Scale bar equals 250 μm.



FIGURE 3. Anthrax succini sp. nov., USNM # 508762. 1. Vestiture from ventral aspect of the specimen. Arrows, from left to right, denote the bare anepimeron and the band of white setae across the anterior sterna of the abdomen; 2. Left wing. The arrow points to the basicosta. Scale bars in both figures equal 1 mm.



FIGURE 4. Anthrax dentoni Lewis, 1969, UCM # 28427. 1. Photograph of the fossil. 2. Line drawing of venation. Scale bar equals 1 mm.



FIGURE 5. Eoanomala melas gen.and sp. nov. USNM # 595155. Scale bar equals 5 mm.



FIGURE 6. Eoanomala melas gen. and sp. nov. USNM # 595155. 1. Head and proboscis; 2. Photograph of second flagellomere and terminal style; 3. Stylized line drawing of second flagellomere and style. Scale bars equal 0.5 mm (1) and 0.05 mm (2).



FIGURE 7. Wings of Eoanomala melas gen. and sp. nov. USNM # 595155.1. Right wing. Note that this wing has been damaged and consequently, its maximum width and the shape of R4 have been affected; 2. Left wing (basal portion not visible in the fossil). Scale bar for both micrographs equals 2 mm.



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