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FIGURE 1. A complete Breviceps montanus (Catalogue number ZR-050053) CT scan with segmentation of humerus and femur demonstrated.

figure 1 

FIGURE 2. Bone cortex thickness analysis on a male Xenopus laevis (CP001) (A) and a fossil Xenopus sp. (ZM 71336) (B) depicted side by side in slice view from top view (1) and side view (3) and in a 3D colour-coded analysis (2 and 3).

 figure 2

FIGURE 3. Morphological bone-to-bone comparison between the ‘nominal’ male (CP001) and ‘actual’ female (CP002) Xenopus laevis. The differences are colour-coded and show female (CP002) variance relative to the nominal bone of the male (CP001) which is depicted in the figure.

figure 3 

FIGURE 4. Morphological bone-to-bone comparison between the ‘nominal’ Xenopus laevis (CP001) with the ‘actual’ fossil Xenopus sp. (ZM 71336)

figure 4 

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