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Scanning information for Bothriogenys fraasi specimens used in this study. Cite DOI and specimen number when utilizing scans from this table. All files are available directly from:

Specimen DOI File size (MB) File type
  DPC-2705   doi.org/10.17602/M2/M13080 2.30 MB Digital camera image
doi.org/10.17602/M2/M16982 410.32 MB Mesh file
doi.org/10.17602/M2/M12688 502.22 MB Zipped tiff stack
  DPC-3224   doi.org/10.17602/M2/M13082 2.56 MB Digital camera image
doi.org/10.17602/M2/M16983 47.15 MB Mesh file
doi.org/10.17602/M2/M12690 77.86 MB Zipped tiff stack
  DPC-3606   doi.org/10.17602/M2/M13075 2.68 MB Digital camera image
doi.org/10.17602/M2/M16986 761.77 MB Mesh file
doi.org/10.17602/M2/M12653 779.97 MB Zipped tiff stack
  DPC-3947   doi.org/10.17602/M2/M13060 2.71 MB Digital camera image
doi.org/10.17602/M2/M17001 153.51 MB Mesh file
doi.org/10.17602/M2/M12639 259.23 MB Zipped tiff stack
  DPC-4894   doi.org/10.17602/M2/M13063 2.68 MB Digital camera image
doi.org/10.17602/M2/M17002 256.65 MB Mesh file
doi.org/10.17602/M2/M12644 206.21 MB Zipped tiff stack
  DPC-5167   doi.org/10.17602/M2/M13066 2.64 MB Digital camera image
doi.org/10.17602/M2/M17003 163.21 MB Mesh file
doi.org/10.17602/M2/M12646 275.07 MB Zipped tiff stack
  DPC-6147   doi.org/10.17602/M2/M13070 2.56 MB Digital camera image
doi.org/10.17602/M2/M17004 43.24 MB Mesh file
doi.org/10.17602/M2/M12649 363.82 MB Zipped tiff stack
  DPC-6207   doiorg/10.17602/M2/M17033 2.74 MB Digital camera image
doi.org/10.17602/M2/M17031 2.740 GB Mesh file
doi.org/10.17602/M2/M17032 769.88 MB Zipped tiff stack
  DPC-7706   doi.org/10.17602/M2/M17037 2.72 MB Digital camera image
doi.org/10.17602/M2/M17035 217.59 MB Mesh file
doi.org/10.17602/M2/M17034 513.22 MB Zipped tiff stack
  DPC-7730   doi.org/10.17602/M2/M13078 2.30 MB Digital camera image
doi.org/10.17602/M2/M17029 298.16 MB Mesh file
doi.org/10.17602/M2/M12655 435.92 MB Zipped tiff stack
  DPC-8638   doi.org/10.17602/M2/M13079 2.75 MB Digital camera image
doi.org/10.17602/M2/M17030 270.24 MB Mesh file
doi.org/10.17602/M2/M12684 202.75 MB Zipped tiff stack
  DPC-10616   doi.org/10.17602/M2/M13071 2.70 MB Digital camera image
doi.org/10.17602/M2/M16969 456.16 MB Mesh file
doi.org/10.17602/M2/M12650 614.44 MB Zipped tiff stack
  DPC-10633   doi.org/10.17602/M2/M13076 2.64 MB Digital camera image
doi.org/10.17602/M2/M16963 573.96 MB Mesh file
doi.org/10.17602/M2/M12654 732.29 MB Zipped tiff stack
  DPC-10677   doi.org/10.17602/M2/M13084 2.64 MB Digital camera image
doi.org/10.17602/M2/M16966 500.91 MB Mesh file
doi.org/10.17602/M2/M12698 436.46 MB Zipped tiff stack
  DPC-11280   doi.org/10.17602/M2/M13065 2.65 MB Digital camera image
doi.org/10.17602/M2/M16970 215.02 MB Mesh file
doi.org/10.17602/M2/M12645 235.51 MB Zipped tiff stack
  DPC-11407   doi.org/10.17602/M2/M13074 2.71 MB Digital camera image
doi.org/10.17602/M2/M16971 559.86 MB Mesh file
doi.org/10.17602/M2/M12651 782.23 MB Zipped tiff stack
  DPC-11412   doi.org/10.17602/M2/M13068 2.74 MB Digital camera image
doi.org/10.17602/M2/M16972 422.1 MB Mesh file
doi.org/10.17602/M2/M12648 511.58 MB Zipped tiff stack
  DPC-11416   doi.org/10.17602/M2/M13062 2.61 MB Digital camera image
doi.org/10.17602/M2/M16974 225.28 MB Mesh file
doi.org/10.17602/M2/M12641 282.98 MB Zipped tiff stack
  DPC-13562   doi.org/10.17602/M2/M13059 2.77 MB Digital camera image
doi.org/10.17602/M2/M16975 351.17 MB Mesh file
doi.org/10.17602/M2/M12638 443.05 MB Zipped tiff stack
  DPC-13570   doi.org/10.17602/M2/M17042 2.98 MB Digital camera image
doi.org/10.17602/M2/M17039 234.05 MB Mesh file
doi.org/10.17602/M2/M17038 325.26 MB Zipped tiff stack
  DPC-20439   doi.org/10.17602/M2/M13067 2.63 MB Digital camera image
doi.org/10.17602/M2/M16979 492.04 MB Mesh file
doi.org/10.17602/M2/M12647 723.26 MB Zipped tiff stack

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