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TABLE 1. Fossil occurrences of the family Armadillidiidae. 

Species Age Country Setting Reference
Armadillidium vulgare Pleistocene France clastics Dalens and Bouthier (1985)
Eoarmadillidium granulatum Pleistocene France clastics Dollfus (1904)
gen. et sp. indet early Miocene Mexico amber Serrano et al. (2007)
Armadillidium pulchellum late Oligocene Germany amber Spahr (1993)
Armadillidium sp. late Oligocene Hungary clastics herein
gen. et sp. indet Eocene Northern Europe amber Weitschat and Wichard (2010)
Disputed by Schmidt (2008)        
Armadillidium molassicum middle Miocene Germany clastics Heer (1865)
Armadillidium payangadensis ?Miocene India amber Srivastava et al. (2006)

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