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TABLE 1. List of described taxa (in bold) depending the studied Eocene localities of Contamana (classed from the oldest to the most recent) and the comparison with Santa Rosa (Peru; Frailey and Campbell, 2004). The color ranges correspond to the stratigraphic distribution of a taxon or a set of taxa closely related (at a generic or specific level).

  CTA 47 CTA 51 CTA 73 CTA 27 CTA 66 CTA 29 Snta Rosa
Cachiyacuy contamanensis       X      
Cachiyacuy cf. contamanensis 1   X          
Cachiyacuy cf. contamanensis 2           X  
Cachiyacuy kummeli       X      
Cachiyacuy cf. kummeli   X          
?Cachiyacuy kummeli X            
Canaanimys maquiensis       X      
?Canaanimys sp. X            
Eobranisamys javierpradoi sp. nov.       X      
Eobranisamys sp.         X    
Eobranisamys romeropittmanae             X
Eobranisamys riverai             X
Eoespina sp.   X          
cf. Eoespina sp.       X      
Eoespina woodi             X
Pozomys ucayaliensis gen. et sp. nov.           X  
Cavioidea or Chinchilloidea indet.           X  
Caviomorpha indet. 1 X            
Caviomorpha indet. 2   X          
Caviomorpha indet. 3     X        
Caviomorpha indet. 4     X        
Caviomorpha indet. 5           X  
Caviomorpha indet. 6           X  

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