FIGURE 1. 1. Location of the Southwestern Iberian Ranges on the Iberian Peninsula. 2. Lithostratigraphic units of the Cretaceous of Iberian Basin. 3. Informal stratigraphy of La Huérguina Limestones Fm. in Las Hoyas and surrounding sub-basins (modified from Fregenal-Martínez and Meléndez, 2000).

 figure 1

FIGURE 2. Map of the Las Hoyas quarry (upper Barremian, Cuenca, Spain) with the position of the E-W excavated Squares, in color (modified from Buscalioni and Fregenal-Martínez, 2010). As shown in the box, the stratigraphic succession of the squares, and the associated richness in the number of tetrapod tracks.

figure 2 

FIGURE 3. Preservation of tetrapod traces at Las Hoyas (Late Barremian, La Huérguina Formation). 1. Stretched isolated footprint (MCCM-LH- 6500) that was formerly attributed to Pteraichnus. 2. Dinosaur footprint of a trackway composed of two prints in White Square layer #8.2, showing a chipped surface inside; scale bar 15 cm. 3. Theropod left footprint of the trackway recorded in Magenta Square. 4. Theropod right footprint of the same trackway as Figure 3.3 recorded in Magenta Square. 5. Hand and foot of a crocodylomorph recorded in White Square, layer #5, scale bar 13 cm. The image has been equalized to enhance the scratches of the foot toes. 6. Traces attributed to undetermined tetrapod preserved as sub-elliptical prints closely placed from MaWh Corridor (LH-29959).

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FIGURE 4. Drawing of the distorted footprint MCCM-LH 6500 (Las Hoyas, Late Barremian) showing the taphonomic features of a print likely produced on a moist to unsaturated microbial mat. 1-3: layers of sediment fill that form a stack of internal overtracks; dr: displacement rim; rf: radial fissures or striation marks.

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FIGURE 5. Measurements used in this study. 1. Variables related to a footprint: FL, footprint length; FW, footprint width; LII, LIII, LIV, length of the digits; II-III, angle between the axis of digit II and digit III; III-IV, the same angle relative to digits III and IV; TE, toe extension, that is, the anterior projection of digit III. 2. Variables related to a trackway: ANG, angle between three consecutive footprints; eTW, external trackway width; iTW, internal trackway width; PL, pace length; SL, stride length.

 figure 5

FIGURE 6. 1. Photograph of the trackway LH-Y-1-001 of the Late Barremian of Las Hoyas outcrop (La Huérguina Formation). 2. Footprint LH-Y-1-001/1. 3. Footprint LH-Y-1-001/2. 4. Footprint LH-Y-1-001/3.

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FIGURE 7. Map of the trackway LH-Y-1-001 from the Las Hoyas fossil site Late Barremian (La Huérguina Formation).

figure 7