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FIGURE 1. Fossil localities: 1, map of Australia showing the relative positions of the Two Trees Site at Riversleigh in Queensland, and the Leaf Locality in South Australia. 2, the Gag Plateau where the Two Trees Site occurs at Riversleigh. 3, Lake Ngapakaldi where the Leaf Locality occurs in South Australia. (Modified after: Woodburne and Tedford, 1975, figure 1; and Archer et al., 2016, figure 1).

 figure 1

FIGURE 2. Miminipossum notioplanetes. 1-2, Holotype QM F57950, right dentary fragment with I1, P2-3 and M1 buccal and lingual views respectively. 3-4, Referred specimen SAM P49184 (image reversed to facilitate comparison), left dentary fragment with P3, M1, and base of I1, buccal and lingual views, respectively.

 figure 2

FIGURE 3. 1-2, stereophotographs of the holotype right dentary of Miminipossum notioplanetes (QM F57950). Teeth present are I1, P 2, P3, M1. 3-4, stereophotographs of the referred partial left dentary SAM P49184 (image reversed to facilitate comparison). Teeth present are the base of I1, P3, M1.

figure 3


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