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TABLE 1. Summary of specimen included in MORPHYLL until now. 1Location number as in Figure 1. 2Museums: GDKE: Generaldirektion Kulturelles Erbe Rheinland-Pfalz, Mainz. MfN: Museum für Naturkunde, Berlin. MMG: Museum of Mineralogy and Geology, Dresden. MNHN: Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle, Paris. NHM: Natural History Museum, Vienna. NMP: National Museum Prague. RBINS: Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Science, Brussels. SMNS: State Museum of Natural History, Stuttgart. 3The fossil site “Rauenberg” is also known as “Frauenweiler”.

Location number1 Number of specimens Fossil site
Age Epoch Institution2 and City
1 54 Eferding [Austria] Egerian Miocene NHM, Vienna [Austria]
2a 13 Linz-Ebelsberg [Austria] Aquitanian Miocene NHM, Vienna [Austria]
2b 87 Linz-Pucking [Austria] Aquitanian Miocene NHM, Vienna [Austria]
2c 42 Linz-Weikerlsee [Austria] Aquitanian Miocene NHM, Vienna [Austria]
3 30 Borna-Ost/Bockwitz [Germany] Chattian Oligocene MMG, Dresden [Germany]
4 417 Enspel [Germany] Chattian Oligocene GDKE, Mainz [Germany]
5 331 Kleinsaubernitz [Germany] Chattian Oligocene MMG, Dresden [Germany]
6 27 Rott [Germany] Chattian Oligocene RBINS, Brussels [Belgium]
7 26 Witznitz [Germany] Chattian Oligocene MMG, Dresden [Germany]
8 217 Rauenberg3 [Germany] Rupelian Oligocene SMNS, Stuttgart [Germany]
9 259 Markvartice u Děčína [Czech Republic] Rupelian Oligocene NMP, Prague [Czech Republic]
10 114 Schleenhain [Germany] Rupelian Oligocene MMG, Dresden [Germany]
11 254 Seifhennersdorf [Germany] Rupelian Oligocene MMG, Dresden [Germany]
12 150 Klausa [Germany] Priabonian Eocene MMG, Dresden [Germany]
13 2 Knau [Germany] Priabonian Eocene MMG, Dresden [Germany]
14 1079 Kučlín [Czech Republic] Priabonian Eocene NMP, Prague [Czech Republic]
15 4 Peres [Germany] Priabonian Eocene MMG, Dresden [Germany]
16 32 Staré Sedlo [Czech Republic] Priabonian Eocene NHM, Vienna [Austria]
17 236 Svatava - Na Pískách [Czech Republic] Priabonian Eocene NMP, Prague [Czech Republic]
18 48 Profen [Germany] Baronian Eocene MMG, Dresden [Germany]
19 1090 Geiseltal [Germany] Lutetian Eocene MfN, Berlin [Germany]
20a 217 Sézanne [France] Thanetian Paleocene MNHN, Paris [France]
20b 32 Sézanne [France] Thanetian Paleocene NHM, Vienna [Austria]
20c 28 Sézanne [France] Thanetian Paleocene RBINS, Brussels [Belgium]
21a 39 Gelinden [Belgium] Selandian Paleocene NHM, Vienna [Austria]
21b 488 Gelinden [Belgium] Selandian Paleocene RBINS, Brussels [Belgium]
22 586 Menat [France] Selandian Paleocene MNHN, Paris [France]


TABLE 2. List of parameters stored in MORPHYLL. Parameters marked with an asterisk are included in the query mask (partially upon registration). Morphological traits used as defined by Ellis et al. (2009). Parameter without an asterisk can be obtained directly from the curator (see main text).

Meta data Taxonomic data Qualitative data Quantitative data Geometry data (Shapefiles)
Specimen accession number* Taxon (species)* Leaf margin type* Lamina area [mm2]* Lamina outline (polygon)
Name of institution* Genus* Leaf lobation type* Lamina perimeter [mm] Petiole length (linestring)
Name of fossil site* Family* Leaf shape type Lamina length [mm]* Petiole width (linestring)
Country of fossil site* Order* Leaf size class* Lamina width [mm]* Primary veins (multilinestrings)
Stratigraphic age*   Primary vein architecture type* Lamina length-to-width ratio [-]* Secondary veins (multilinestrings)
Stratigraphic epoch*   Secondary vein architecture type* Lamina circularity [-] Tertiary veins (multilinestrings)
    Petiole preservation* Lamina centroid [%]  
      Area index [-]*  
      Petiole length [mm]*  
      Petiole width [mm]*  
      Leaf mass per area [g/m2]  



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