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Simplified key to genera of Endomychidae and Anamorphidae from Eocene Amber (the key includes genera with known, formally described species).

1. Antenna composed of 5 antennomeres with terminal antennomere enlarged; body 3.1 mm long; (Baltic and Bitterfeld amber) Trochoideus Westwood
  - Antenna composed of 10 or 11 antennomeres with loose club composed of 3 antennomeres 2
2. Antennomere 9 enlarged; body 2.25 mm long; (Baltic amber) Phymaphoroides Motschulsky
  - Antenomere 9 as wide as antennomere 10 or narrower 3
3. Pronotum without sulci; dorsum convex, without vestiture; elytra punctate-striate; body 3.4 mm long; (Baltic amber) Gramboale gen. nov. Alekseev and Tomaszewska
  - Pronotum with lateral and/or basal sulci 4
4. Tarsi pseudotrimerous (segments 1-2 lobed, tarsomere 3 minute, tarsomere 4 longest); basal sulcus with paired tubercles; [body elongate, 3.0 mm long]; (Baltic amber) Laima gen. nov. Alekseev and Tomaszewska
  - Tarsi simple, with cylindrical segments; basal sulci without tubercles 5
5. Body round-oval, with distinct pubescence 6
  - Body elongate, with fine or indistinct pubescence 8
6. Elytral punctation irregular; body length 1.6 mm; (Baltic amber) Palaecoryphus gen. nov. Alekseev and Tomaszewska
  - Elytral punctation arranged in regular rows 7
7. Tarsal formula 4-4-4; claws simple; body length 1.7 mm; (Baltic amber) Giltine gen. nov. Alekseev and Tomaszewska
  - Tarsal formula 3-3-4; claws appendiculate; body length 1.45 mm; (Bitterfeld amber) Kleinzaches gen. nov. Alekseev and Tomaszewska
8. Elytra with distinct subsutural stria curved near the scutellum; body length 1.6 mm; (Baltic amber) Symbiotes Redtenbacher
  - Elytra without distinct subsutural stria 9
9. Elytra with irregular rows of punctures; pronotum with deep sulci; body length 2.1-2.5 mm; (Baltic amber) Glesirhanis Shockley and Alekseev
  - Elytra finely and irregularly punctate; pronotum with weak sulci; body length 1.2 mm; (French amber) Palaeoestes Kirejtshuk and Nel


Comment. Among Tertiary amber genera (and species) of handsome fungus beetles, only Discolomopsis dominicana (Anamorphidae) from mid-Miocene Dominican amber (not included in the key) is known/ described from outside Eocene European amber.

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