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TABLE 1. The origin and current repository of the amber pieces examined in this study.

Specimen No.


Amber locality


1799-1 CCHH Baltic amber Gramboale prutenorum gen. et sp. nov.
181-1 CCHH Bitterfeld amber Kleinzaches germanicianus gen. et sp. nov.
1222-3 CCHH Baltic amber Palaecoryphus viktori gen. et sp. nov.
AWI-133 CVIA Baltic amber Giltine ampeensis gen. et sp. nov.
1799-2 CCHH Baltic amber Symbiotes borussiaeorientalis sp. nov.
1222-5 CCHH Baltic amber Laima andreei gen. et sp. nov.
1506-1 CCHH Baltic amber Trochoideus koenigsbergicus sp. nov.
53-2 CCHH Bitterfeld amber Trochoideus resinatissimus sp. nov.
1219-2 CCHH Baltic amber Glesirhanis bercioi Shockley and Alekseev, 2014
1219-3 CCHH Baltic amber Phymaphoroides antennatus Motschulsky, 1856


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