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FIGURE 1. Bargiano site. 1. Simplified geological sketch for the study area (redrawn after Monaco et al., 2014). 2. Position of stratigraphic sections reported in Figure 2. Numbers and black dots refer to the position of Ambergrisichnus alleronae cololites (after Monaco et al., 2014). WS=Whale section; S1-S4=additional sections; C27=Section near Cololite #27; C25=Section near Cololite #25; CFT=Cololite Field Trench. 3. Detail of whale bones during June 2016 excavation. 4. Cololite #27. 5. Close-up of Cololite #25.


FIGURE 2. Lithostratigraphic sections through the cetacean excavation site at Bargiano. Lateral distances are not to scale. Acronyms for sections are the same as in Figure 1.2. WFE= whale-fall events (1-3).


FIGURE 3. Plan view across the cetacean excavation surface, at about 357 m above sea level, with the original positions of crab specimens collected around and between the whale bones. Each grid section represents one square meter.


FIGURE 4. Distribution of abundances of the six selected benthic taxa, indicative of nutrient increase related to WFEs.


FIGURE 5. Benthic foraminifer taxa characteristic of the Bargiano sections (scale bar equals 0.1 mm). 1-4, 7. Bigenerina nodosaria. 3. Detail of surface test of B. nodosaria. 4. Fragment of porcellanaceous foraminifer glued in B. nodosaria test. 5, 6. Marginulinopsis costata. 6. Detail of aperture. 8-9. Bannerella gibbosa. 10-12. Siphotextularia concava. 12. Detail of aperture; note the thin lip surrounding the aperture. 13-15. Siphotextularia concava, specimens with marked and prominent chamber rims.


FIGURE 6. Vaginulina cf. Vaginulina striatissima. Variations in test morphologies with details of spines, costae, and buccal apertures (scale bar=0.1 mm). 1. Specimen from S1 section. 2. Specimen from S2 section. 3. Specimen from S3 section. 4-5. Specimens from S4 section. 6-7. Specimens from CFT section. 8-10. Specimen from CFT section. 8. Detail of aperture. 9. Test showing evidence of predation (large opening in the final chamber). 10. Detail of basal spine. 11-13. Specimen from CFT section. 11. Detail of aperture. 13. Detail of basal spine with broken apex.


FIGURE 7. Decapod crustaceans from the Bargiano site. 1. Albaidaplax ispalensis Garassino, Pasini and Castro, 2013, MUAL 9. 2. Chlinocephalus demissifrons Ristori, 1886, MUAL 2. 3. Chlinocephalus demissifrons Ristori, 1886, MUAL 10.



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